11 comments on “A New Standard of Internet Civility: Part Two: Loving Your Audience

  1. We appreciate you, too, sir. Frankly, you’re a better man than I if you can find some love for the Nier Defense Force.

  2. That is such a great attitude! I just discovered your blog, though listen to both Joystiq and MBMBAM and met you at PAX East, and I already feel welcome. Thanks!

  3. One day in the near future I hope to have enough readers that one of them will lash out at me. I look forward to that day so that I may confront them and say, “Thank you for reading” and then have a conversation with them about whatever they didn’t like.

    Like Gary Vaynerchuck says, “The fact that anybody cares about what you have to say, is a huge deal.”

  4. You are informative, hilarious and you always give my buddies and I great topics of conversation. Keep up your attitude for the righteous and you will continue to affect people’s lives positively.

  5. You are awesome sir, and a real great goofball to read up on the stiq. Keep up the good work!

    Just keep remembering to not feed them trolls 🙂

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