5 comments on “A Note on Plagarism

  1. Agreed. He talks about having a girlfriend in the piece … usually pretty hard to get girls if you’re kicking puppies all the time. He just didn’t understand something that was wrong, was. It makes him a man who made a mistake and is now paying for it.

    That’s something I definitely understand. (Even if yeah, I don’t really think he’s the greatest guy.)

  2. Justin, I totally agree! I know that at my worst I could be a pretty despicable individual. I could be a thief or a drunk or a 500-pound shut-in. Plagiarism isn’t my “thing” but any of the things I struggle with could overtake me given enough time and enough opportunity. I guess I know myself well enough to know that I shouldn’t go around the internet throwing stones at people.

    This situation to me sounds like a rich banker who got caught embezzling, but with words instead of money. It’s a common story, but just in an uncommon avenue.

    Also, in this age of the internet, the LAST thing you want to do is make a bunch of writers mad. Those comments are SCATHING!

  3. Reading his piece, it sounds like this guy lead an obsessive life.

    First off, this reads like an earnest but of writing. I’ll always think to William Shatner’s version of Theme from Cyrano, which states “Never write a line that does not ring with sincerity”. Weather Rowan wrote the essay or not, it does have a certain sincerity about it. I enjoyed it about as much as one can enjoy that sort of thing.

    I get the impression he started out by writing to avoid drinking. When he felt he was short on words, he borrowed someone else’s. It was a crutch. Probably not an awful writing exercise, especially if your just trying to get through the night without throwing up all over yourself. You’re the man now, dog.

    The great disconnect here is that he actually went through the motions to get the thing (and severak other things) published. The whole point of a crutch is to cast it aside when you don’t need it – something this writer never seemed to be able to accomplish.

    It’s strange – in journo school they teach you plagiarism is akin to heresy. To do so on this scale, for this long, seems almost fantastic. If someone charged me with the task of piecing together a narrative using mostly borrowed passages from other books, I’d probably think it easier to “cheat” and write the damned thing myself.

    It’s this alone which makes me thing that – yeah – maybe this guy really is quite sick. Maybe he’s not evil; just broken. Is that even uncommon anymore?

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