64 comments on “A leap of faith

  1. Shocked. Shocked and appalled!

    But really…

    Good luck with the new Gig, whatever it may be. Sure I’ll tune in for that!

    • I will tell you exactly where he is going. I experienced the exact same shock at the beginning of this year when Paul Miller left engadget. If you look at the difference between engadget and the verge you will know what will happen at there new site. There is a company called Vox Media with a lot of money and they are giving it too AOL site leaders and in the process raiding AOL. These people and more will quit AOL and go and start a new site that will look a lot better. You wait and see… and you will love it 🙂

  2. Oh no! Sad to see you leave Joystiq, but if you’re this excited for the future, then I certainly am, too. Best wishes, Justin.

    -a Joystiq fan and avid MBMBaM listener

  3. Wish you the best of luck in your future plans, and I’ll continue to follow along with support. Thank you for all the great writing at Joystiq and can’t wait to see what you have coming up in the future, Justin. Won’t be the same reading Joystiq without your posts, but the future is a bright place and I look forward to seeing all that happens along with this ride.

  4. Good luck Justin! Sad to hear that you are leaving Joystiq, but excited to continue listenning to you on MBMBaM and seeing what the future holds for you!

  5. All the best with whatever you’re doing next! I’d guess it’s The Verge but then again you’ll announce whatever it is soon enough. I actually only found out you wrote for Joystiq recently, since I know and love you from MBMBAM– please don’t leave that, it’s the highlight of my week!

    Props for doing the tough thing and leaving the job you love though, that takes a ton of courage. As someone who’s just now approaching the end of university and the start of a career, this is really inspiring and encouraging at the same time.

    Thanks for everything and all the best with the next gig! I’m with you 100%


  6. It was only in the last 12 months that I really got into Joystiq and I feel like I’ve missed so much having only just been introduced to your method of madness. Now that you’re leaving, I’m glad to say that the funniest articles I’ve read of late were conjured from your fingers and brain. Good luck in your future endeavours and keep the snark alive.

    All the best, teeeeeeeeeeeeens!

  7. “I got to record a show called My Brother, My Brother and Me”

    Does this mean you are leaving MBMBaM as well?

  8. Not you too! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I’ve been reading Joystiq for years and will follow its writers to their next project – much like Joshua Topolsky and the crew at Verge. Here’s to a bright tomorrow!

  9. Will follow your future projects as I did with the old 1up Team when they got laid off.
    Hoping to get to listen to you talking about Games from time to time, like on GWJ-Radio, though
    Good luck with everything you’re going to,

    Trusting, from Austria

    Oh and of course #MBMBAM!


  10. It’s really sad to hear you’re leaving the ‘Stiq, but I trust your judgement and look forward to hearing more about your new gig in the coming months. Much love, Justin. Keep being awesome.

  11. Thanks for your time, Justin. Listening to you on the Joytsiq Podcast was some of the more out-of-the-box humor I’ve heard in quite some time. Hope to hear you on there again, and MBMBAM. Good luck in 2012!

  12. I don’t comment on things often, so the fact that I commenting here should tell you something. =)

    You have an amazing personality, both on air and in writing, and I admire your work. You are one of the few reasons I continue to bust my ass writing reviews for a little website, and I look forward to seeing what you do next. Good luck!!

    With Lots of Love,

  13. We have never met, never spoken, never gamed online. Yet, I have a superb interest in you, as if you have been a close friend of mine for the past few years. I know you have about a gajillion fans across the internet, whether its for your work at Joystiq, its podcasts, or MBMBaM/Losing The Sheen, but I just wanted to express your importance to me. For the past four or five years, you have been discussing, ranting, or giggling like a girl into my ears weekly. Through this, I gained a friend. It was only a one-way friendship, as I have never communicated with you, but it was a strong connection no less. You became the joyous constant in my ever changing life, and as silly as it may sound, your voice helped me through some tough times in my life. Good luck in your future endeavors, Mr. Justin McElroy, and thank you.

  14. You’re an awesome writer. I’ve been reading Joystiq for years now… The moment I realized you were my favorite? When you made the video about catching a fish is Neir. That was downright hilarious.

    I’m a huge JT and Paul Miller fan, so I hope you and Chris both end up at The Verge. Regardless, we’ll all stick with you! Good luck!

  15. Having personally received one of your famous hugs last year at PAX East, I can say that they are in a league of their own (albeit a tad grabby).

    While you may not remember, I asked for your input a few months back regarding some of my work. You’re tips and helpful criticism have helped me to pursue what I enjoy, whether it be publicly or otherwise. You’re a swell guy.

    Good luck in the future and I hope our paths meet again. IRL that is.

  16. Good Luck Justin, I have been a fan of yours on the Joystiq Podcast, MBMBAM, and your actual writing. I also loved your episode on the Freelancers and it is partly because of you that I continually push towards my dream of writing in this industry. I cannot wait to see what you, and I assume, Griffin are up to next. Thank you for you work and I say with a full heart, good luck and we trust you.

  17. I’m actually chocked up right now. Good fortune to you sir (and Griffin), and even though we all face fiery death in the jaws of Quetzalcoatl I’ll read,listen to…eat? whatever you guys work on.

    God Bless

  18. Wow, this is quite a shock, but I suppose nothing can last forever. You will be missed, Justin. Your writing and sweet podcasting pipes were what helped make Joystiq my gaming site of choice. I’m sure whatever endeavors you’re striving toward will be a success and I hope the best for you.

  19. You will truly be missed Justin, please keep us updated on where your next endeavors in the gaming industry will be.
    A quick little note: I bought and played a couple of hours of Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I swore off Bethesda for life. I didn’t enjoy their games or anything about them. I tried ignoring Skyrim for the past year or so. I avoided everything about it. Once I read that you wrote the review, I scrolled down to the rating. Saw that you loved it. Got my coat on and drove to GameStop and grabbed the first copy I saw. It’s now my GOTY 2011. Thank your Justin for many great articles, funnies, advice, and just listening to your voice of the Joystiq Podcast was an absolute blast.


  20. Wow… this is… Yeah. I’ve been kind of dark on industry movings for the last few weeks due to personal problems that have kept me below radar, but the week I decide to come back I find this news staring me in the face.

    I’m kind of without words here. You, Chris and Griffin all leaving is kind of a major thing, but I have nothing but the best wishes for all of you.

    And for you, specifically, good sir… I want to thank you, in the most sincere terms and from the bottom of my shriveled lump of a heart, for taking the chance on me and giving me my first paying freelance gig in the industry. I’ll never be able to string enough flowery words together to tell you just how much that means. I’m only sorry we didn’t get to do it more frequently.

    I’ll be keeping my eye on you guys, wherever you go and whatever you end up doing. Here’s to hoping we’ll work together again in the future, somewhere down the road.

  21. I started listening to the old JPAG podcast and reading Joystiq solely because I enjoyed your viewpoint and humor. This of course led me to the wonderful world of MBMBaM fever that I now hold deep inside my body and transmit this love disease to everyone I know. Always enjoyed your work and wish you nothing but the best in the future. We love you too, “The Kid”.

  22. I have faith that anything you strive to do you can accomplish, Justin. I’ve seen less talented and lesser known individuals in this industry go on to bigger and better things when they left the job that got them their start. I’ll follow you wherever you go and I’m sure a lot of other people will.

  23. Best of luck, Justin. We’ll be following you on MBMBaM and hoping to hear soon what you’re on to next.

    It’s been a pleasure reading your Joystiq reviews. You never let the greatest value of a game–how FUN it is to play–become obscured by nitpicky aesthetic or political concerns.

    Thank you for your work at Joystiq, and we’ll be looking for you in the future.

  24. Never post or comment on any sites but always been a fan of your work, especially mbmbam.

    Don’t know why you are leaving it, you guys and the giantbomb guys are living the dream!

  25. Justin,

    I’ve been a fan since episode 9 of the Joystiq Podcast, through MBMBaM, and I’m a firm believer you are one of the best people ever to have graced the internet, and the masses’ ears. My heart broke a bit to read you’re leaving Joystiq, but best of luck to your new gig, and I look forward to reading/hearing whatever you conjure up in your new home.

  26. I don’t want to suck too much dick here, but I would like to say that your spoken and written words were the main reason that for me Joystiq and it’s podcast were such great products. I’m sure Joystiq is in good hands with Ludwig but I look forward to seeing what your next step is. Best of luck…

  27. Sad to see you leave Joystiq but I can’t wait to see what you do next! You’re one of my favorite game journalists. Good luck with whatever you do!

  28. So you’re telling us that you are packing your bags and moving away? I always knew it would come to this.

    But for reals, the best of luck for you in your future endeavors. Wherever you land may it be on your feet.

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  30. I can’t imagine Joystiq without you, and I have enjoyed your voice both on the podcast and on the website. Thank you for all your hard work, your humour, and for getting Sydnee on Twitter. I’m sure you will bring the same radiant energy and force of personality to all that you do in the future, and I hope we still see you on the internets from time to time!

    Best of luck, Justin! We love you too!

  31. Whatever you do next, I’m sure it will be a success. It would be great if you took Kat Bailey and Ray Barnholdt from recent closure, gamepro. Just sayin’ is all. Good Luck

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  33. Justin, you were supportive of my EP I put out earlier this year, and even though it was a simple review, it meant a lot. I haven’t kept up with you from the beginning, but I come from a small town too, with a different job and lifestyle than anyone else I know. Its scary man, trusting in something you love and trying to make a living off of it is terryfiying. However, I think those who do break away from the normal day to day, have the potential to do amazing things. Following your gut is what life is all about man. I mean, You guys followed your gut in trusting I wouldn’t make some shitty mixtape based around your show.

    It all comes down to support. I can’t thank you enough for putting my music out there to reach people it would have never been able to reach. Local recognition is great, but you helped me reach fans from all over the world, fans who still keep up with my work, and who would have never thought to listen unless you backed it up. It makes me smile whenever I get flooded with tweets about another My Brother My Brother and Me mix tape, and it was you guys that saw a dude with a horrible DJ name and a year of production skills under his belt, and were supportive of what I came out with. Really, what I’m saying is that I’m here to be supportive, just like you supported me, and if you ever need your voice to sound like the devil again, you let me know.


    Chris (Rocky Horror)

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  35. Justin, you’re undeniably hilarious, and you’re the main reason I ever got into Joystiq in the first place. I listened to every one of your podcasts from episode 1 until the new format, and I listend to MBMBAM religiously. Something about your sense of humor combined with your compassion, warmth, and that ridiculous laugh really appeal to my core sense of humor. You’ll be missed, but I’m wishing you luck and expeting some awesome stuff to come. Go get ’em!

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  37. I didn’t see a posting on joystiq, so I googled you quickly after reading some of the other peoples’ comments back on joystiq. You’ll be sorely missed. You wrote most of the entertaining entries on Joystiq. And while I didn’t always agree with you, your reviews were spot-on at times. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  38. You’ve done nothing short of a phenomenal job with Joystiq. Reading your posts (in combination with a slew of other writers) inspired me to pursue freelance work in writing about video games.

    I did it for free for the first 2 years, and I loved every second.

    No matter what you do going forward, know that your readers will support you, and wish you the best in each and every endeavor.

    – Landon

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