15 comments on “The Bean Life

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been doing keto for about two months, and managed to shed 16 lbs so far. It would be more if I didn’t allow myself small cheats, but sanity, amiright?


    • I’ve been on “lazy keto” for about a year now. Avoiding white stuff- bread, pasta, potatoes, corn…and beans. I eat a lot of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

      I’ve lost 70# in that year.

      I know that if I keep control of myself, I will continue to feel better and healthier.

      But dang it if there aren’t some days that I just want to eat a whole blue box of Mac and cheese and not feel bad about it.

      I have noticed that upping my protein has kept me feeling sated much longer, helping me avoid snacking.

      As with anything, YMMV, and you do what’s right and sustainable for you!

      Good going, Justin.

  2. People have such wildly differing opinions on cheat days, but I think they’re so good for you mentally, and they make that buffer as wide as possible between a diet and disordered eating. Keep obliterating those kid’s meal pancakes.

  3. I wanna start shooting you recipes! I’m lactose intolerant and my wife has a condition that puts her at higher risk for diabetes so… dairy and carbs are already slowly leaving our diet. Find a recipe for a nice aromatic cannellini bean soup… very yummy.

  4. Hey Justin! Thanks for sharing. As someone who has been overweight most of my life and is still currently a WIP, I find it interesting to see what kind of dietary choices other people make and what works for them.

    From my experience there really is no “right choice”, there is just the right choice for you. Having tried pretty much any and all diets possible, I’ve settled on a weird Frankenstein’s monster that seems right (read: sustainable) for me: mostly vegetarian diet with vegan aspirations set alongside intermittent fasting (3 fast days a week) and a cheat day (once per week).

    Keep eating them beans!

  5. Thanks for the info Justin! I’m about 6’2″ and 297 lbs at the moment. I’ve been working on getting my weight down slowly by counting calories, but I haven’t had anywhere near the success you have. I think I’m going to give this a shot. I appreciate the information and really everything you do.

  6. Are you doing the Tim ferris PAGG approach as well? I’m following mostly the same diet outside of having cheese. Good luck! You look great already!

  7. Good for you Justin! As you say, I’ve always found the key to dieting to be finding something that you can sustain for a while (rather than what your coworker Steve used to drop those lbs). Glad you found something that’s works for you!

    For exercise, if you want to add in more, may I recommend approaching it the same way: try stuff, figure out what YOU can sustain. If it’s unbearable, try something else. The best exercise is the one you’ll actually do a few times a week!

  8. Justin, congratulations on your weight loss and on finding a method that works for you. I appreciate your candid account of how you are managing your food intake. It’s really helpful to see how the plan is worked into real life. Best wishes for your continued success.

  9. My husband did this diet a couple years back while I did keto, and he felt great and lost weight, but we moved and it got harder. Then, about 2 weeks back he saw a picture of you and told me that you inspired him, so he is back on beans, and being strict. I am more keto, because I refuse to give up cheese, but he needs to and I don’t. Thank you for inspiring him to work on his health. I know it is not why you are doing it, but you are sharing your journey, and that helped us a lot.

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